Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL) Losses?

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Have you purchased a Variable Universal Life Insurance Policy? These policies are often sold by using high pressure sales tactics by the agent. The high risk of the policies are often not communicated properly to the client. The value of the policy is directly influenced by the stock market and investments of the policy. This can lead to higher premiums and a loss of your investment depending on market conditions.

We have represented many clients that have experienced losses with Variable Life Insurance Policies.

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  • Increasing premium payments
  • Loss of value of your policy compared to the total premium payments
  • The policy risk was misrepresented
  • Excessive fees not covered by the value of the policy
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If you believe you have been a victim of a Variable Life Insurance Policy, please contact us today.

To recover any of your losses, you must file a claim for recovery. Contact us by phone or email to file your claim.